About the Federation

WelcomeThe Fogolârs Federation of Canada is the connecting link between the Fogolârs/ Fameis throught the country. This link, and the ability of being of service to big and small communities, is the main purpose of this national association. The structure of the Federation can be visualized as a pyramid with the Fogolârs/ Fameis on top and the executives of the Federation at the base.

The current executive of the Federation are:

  • President : Joe Toso
  • Vice President: Luisa Del Belluz
  • Secretary: Sonia Bertolissi
  • Treasurer: Renzo Rigutto
  • Office Manager: Paola Codutti

With the publication “La Cisilute” the Federation keeps the Fogolârs/ Fameis informed of activities and events of importance here in Canada and abroad.Federation Banner

Through the Federation, the Fogolârs/ Fameis share ideas and are able to present a large lobby group to every level of government in Italy and in Canada.

The Federation ensure an equitable distribution of information and, if the case may be, grants.

Every two years the Federation organizes a national congress hosted by different Fogolârs/ Fameis to which all the Friulian-Canadians are invited. The invitation is also extended to neighbouring Fogolârs/ Fameis in the U.S.A. In addition, there is also one annual meeting held at the Federation head quarters in Toronto at which all the Fogolârs/ Fameis are represented by two of their delegates. The Federation assists all the Fogolârs/ Fameis, by offering a subsidy for travel to the meeting.

The Federation is a registered association recognized by the government of the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and is also a member of Ente Friuli nel Mondo. Members of the Federation are also responsible for overseeing the commission for the Ente Friuli nel Mondo Scholarship.

Some of the activities that the Federation has instituted are short-term events while others are on-going. Here are some examples of such activities:

  • The Federation has instituted the Premio Beppo Franzel, the first literary prize for Friulian authors in Canada.
  • The Federation has instituted the Premio Aquileia to recognize the contribution of outstanding volunteers in our national community.
  • The Federation has published a book on the history and importance of the Federation in Canada.
  • The Federation was instrumental in bringing the “Campo Giochi” to small and far away Fogolârs/ Fameis
  • The Federation was responsible for bringing the Mostra del Libro/ Ceramica/ Tessitura to Canada.
  • The Federation was instrumental in organizing the mostra “Le Radici del Futuro”
  • The Federation was responsible for the design (through a national competition) of the emblem of the Federation.
  • The Federation was responsible for instigating and coordinating the collection of funds for philanthropic campaigns such as the recent “Tsunami Relief Campaign”
Fogolârs Federation Legal Status:

The Federation. was incorporated on September 23, 1974. Registration # 010189-0